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Prostate Issue Causes Urinary Symptoms.


Prostatitis is an inflammation affecting the prostate gland, affecting 30% to 50% of sexually active men and generally affecting those under the age of 50. Acute bacterial prostatitis is due to a bacterial infection of the gland. The onset of prostatitis results in several types of complaints, ranging from problems during urination, to localized pain in the back, prostate, and groin, erectile dysfunction, and more. Individuals with acute prostatitis complain of localized pain in the prostate, lower back, or groin, urinary discomfort such as slow and labored urination, feeling of an urgent need to urinate, high fever, dysuria (difficulty or pain during urination), and hematuria (discharge of blood with urine).

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What are the causes of prostatitis? The causes of prostatitis, i.e., the reasons why the prostate becomes inflamed, are many and often concomitant, although, at the onset of symptoms, they can be difficult to recognize. These causes range from bowel disorders to eating habits, from urination habits to sexual practices. It is essential to consult your doctor both to diagnose and to rule out alterations that promote prostatitis. It is important to remember that the bacteria that cause prostatitis are normally present in the intestinal flora and come from there to colonize the seminal tract.

What are the symptoms of prostatitis?

  • Suprapubic pain
  • Perineal pain: in the testicles and/or anus
  • burning glans
  • radiating pain to the inner face of the thigh
  • increased frequency of urination
  • urgency, urgent need to urinate with, sometimes, urge incontinence
  • burning and/or pain during urination
  • sense of incomplete emptying
  • blood in the semen

Some of these symptoms present singly as major discomfort, but sometimes many symptoms are concomitant and, often, may vary in intensity, numerosity, or frequency over time.

The Prevention


The Diagnosis: Symptoms of prostatitis direct the diagnosis, but they are only indicative: only by sperm culture (spermioculture) and partly by urine examination is a diagnosis of seminal tract infection made and, therefore, the infection is attributed as the cause of prostatitis.

It is essential to consult the physician both for the correct diagnosis and subsequent treatment setting and to rule out causes that may promote the infection.

PSA is not a diagnostic parameter of prostatitis: if measured in the acute phase it can be very high, a consequence of inflammation, but has no clinical significance. To have clinical significance it must be measured at three months after resolution of symptoms.

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